Time Present / Time Past: A Cipher Hunt

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The hunt is afoot!

Decrypt ciphers and win $500 in prizes.

You’ve landed on the main page for Puzzle Poetry’s 2023 Humanities Week Cipher Hunt. Please find instructions for competing and information about how to work with our hints and clues below the leaderboard.


# of Clues Solved

Register here and decipher one of the first four puzzles to get your team’s name on the leaderboard.


Time Present / Time Past is a timely encrypted scavenger hunt. You’ll be looking for seven QR codes, hidden in plain sight around Grounds.

We know that some of our ciphers may be hard to crack, so we’ll post more hints to Instagram (@puzzlepoesis) as we go.

As happened last year, crypto-geniuses may race ahead by solving the initial ciphers and finding more correspondent QR codes in their campus locations. Each physical QR code points our aspirant verse hunters to an online form. Type in the decrypted clue at the form and get instructions for further solving.

The first team to solve all the puzzles and check in around Grounds by way of the hidden QR codes wins. Four days, seven ciphers, seven locations. A final cipher awaits the team that makes it to the end.

* * *

The hunt has begun! Start time: Tuesday (3/28) at 5 pm.

Please find your cipher-finding aid below:

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